What Are Some Effective Lead Generation Techniques for Roofers?

Lead generation is the main marketing goal for all roofers so they can get more sales and it is interesting to note that not all leads require digital marketing.

The interesting thing is that regardless of how a lead is generated, they can all help the marketing cycle that results in more leads and more sales.

These are just a few lead generation strategies for roofers that can attract more leads and help any local roofing company get more jobs.

  • Online SEO - The basis of all online lead generation for roof companies lies in effective SEO that includes many techniques that establish brand awareness, build online reputation, and get more attention in the search results. 
  • SEO Marketing - Investing in localized PPC ads can bring in more roofing leads fast, with ads that are served only to searchers within targeted service areas. 
  • Social Media Advertising - With so many social media platforms to choose from, roofers can easily generate more leads by advertising on the platforms that their target customers are likely to be using.  
  • Google Business and Google Maps - Claiming the company’s Google Business profile, optimizing it, and investing in general SEO services can be effective for getting any roofer into the local 3-Pack on Google Maps. This is a highly effective lead generation strategy for roofers as it brings them more customers through “near me” local searches.
  • YouTube Advertising - Playing short ads before and during videos played by viewers in their service areas is another effective method of lead generation for roof companies.
  • Canvassing - The traditional method of canvassing neighborhoods and leaving brochures is of a minor  benefit to bring in more roofing leads. 
  • Direct Mail and Email - Promotional correspondence sent through opt-in emails and general direct mail campaigns to residents within the company’s service area is also effective.  
  • Review and Referral Campaigns - Online reviews left and referrals are yet one more way that contractors can increase their lead generation, no matter how that original lead was generated. When customers put their opinions online or refer others, people searching for services tend to trust their opinions more than any advertisement.

Lead generation for roof companies involves the incorporation of multiple methods to attract more business.

Whether a lead is gained online through search or social media or offline through canvassing or a personal referral, they all create more awareness for the roofer’s brand, which brings greater success with each of these methods.

Roofers interested in getting the most leads in their service areas should incorporate all of these techniques into their lead generation strategy for roofers.