Social Media Marketing Trends – Get A Headstart On 2023!

A new year is here and what does that mean for social media marketing firms?

It is time to reflect on what has worked in 2022 and seems to be gaining speed heading into 2023 so those new trends can be explored more intensely.

Here are some of the ideas that social media marketers are noticing with the top platforms that will affect new marketing strategies going into the new year. 

Artificial Intelligence or AI

To begin with, it is seeming like AI is becoming everything in social media marketing on the various platforms, as they are all starting to serve more ads, posts, and videos this way.

What started as Facebook serving ads and posts in relation to a user’s feed algorithm has progressed on all platforms to become a TikTok-influenced algorithm built by AI and content that is assumed to be of interest based on user activity.

This means social media marketers must focus more on their target audiences and creating that recommended content for it to show up as a recommendation in more target users’ feeds. 

The Impact of Direct Messages

Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, has learned that across all of its platforms, the majority of meaningful engagement happens in Direct Messages as opposed to actually on the posts.

Acknowledging this, it plans to implement Click to Message ads that will make it easier for audiences to directly reach out to businesses through their ads.

This can be great for businesses but also challenging, as it puts a greater burden on having fast, accessible customer service.

Live shopping is another social media marketing idea that Instagram is toying with as a new ad feature for businesses selling products. 

Reels and Short Videos

Reels and short videos are exploding on all platforms, seemingly taking after TikTok’s success of using short clips to generate followings and engagement.

Even YouTube has gotten in on the reels act, having introduced its shorts not long ago, while Facebook and Instagram integrated reels and stories into their platform some time ago.

Social media marketing firms see that these short clips offer businesses one more way to share informative, viral content to increase their exposure and brand awareness. 

Payments Can Be Made Thru Platforms

Another trend that is growing as more social media platforms have implemented it this year is the ability to take payments right through their platforms.

Businesses wanting the ability to make sales right from their social media marketing ads can connect with various payment processors that create a seamless sales experience. 

Verification Badges

As Twitter is on the verge of reinventing itself, verification badges there and across all sites are becoming more significant and important.

Social media marketers stress that businesses hoping to be viewed as authentic and real should seek verification badges on all of their accounts as part of their reputation management strategy to ensure customers are dealing with the real thing. 

Let's Add This All Up

With all of these ideas gaining speed on the different platforms, social media marketing firms find that 2023 is going to be an interesting year of acclimating to and implementing more new and efficient features for one-stop marketing and shopping!