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Hey guys, here’s another post about computer programming and languages.  Computer programming is a process where a trained computer technician will use their knowledge of a particular computer language and write the code which communicates with the computer. Computer programs are made up of computer code, therefore every piece of software has been programmed using computer code. Visit this website for more information.

The language which computer programming needs to communicate and execute commands can vary, and there can be more than one language working at a time inside the computer and its software. One of the first computer languages was called BASIC and many people who had computers when BASIC was used were also interested in learning how to program their computer using this language. At the time it was probably the novelty of being able to tell a machine what to do, and change how it functioned which drove early amateur computer programmers in their hobby.

Imagine computer programming as a factory, and each part of the factory does the same task over and over while other parts do a different task over and over – when all the parts are put together you have the whole product. Working together, the various languages of computer programming can seamlessly deliver pictures, words, moving characters on the screen, information, saved data and more.
Whichever language the computer uses, the manner in which it communicates has not changed very much. Today computers are still very much coded using logical steps and time frames. For instance, in simpler terms, when you click shutdown on your computer menu there is probably a small piece of coding which tells the computer IF shutdown button clicked end computer session and turn off machine. That is not how it would be written nor programmed but gives a general idea of the function of computer programming.

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