Roofers Can Increase Qualified Leads With Lead Nurturing!

One of the biggest challenges that roofers face in their lead generation efforts is holding onto those leads and converting them.

Research suggests that roofers lose more than 80% of their qualified leads by simply not following up enough or in the right ways.

Effective lead nurturing is essential for turning high-quality leads into actual sales.

Fortunately, lead nurturing is a simple concept that any roofer can succeed with.

What Is Vital to Converting Leads?

The key to converting more leads is understanding that lead generation and lead nurturing are two different things.

Though a roofing contractor might use certain strategies to attract more high-quality leads of customers who are genuinely interested in roofing services, most of them will not convert immediately without some kind of prompting and lead maintenance.

This “growing” of valid leads to convince them to eventually convert as their need rises is the premise behind lead nurturing.

What Ways Can Roofers Use to Convert Leads?

So, how should lead nurturing be addressed?

There are many ways that roofers can handle their lead nurturing, but it all starts with making contact immediately and then adding that lead to a CRM and getting it into a sales funnel.

A follow-up phone call within 24 hours is essential, then follow-up emails and other promotional contacts as each lead is analyzed in terms of their buying motivation and when they are most likely to need roofing services.

Through continuous contact via emails, follow-up calls, and sharing quality content to keep them interested, any roofer can hold onto high-quality leads until they are finally ready to convert.

Lead Nurturing Offers Such Great Returns

Marketing research suggests that when roofers invest not just in lead generation but also in lead nurturing, they are able to convert as many as 47% of those nurtured leads.

That is a big difference from the 80% of leads that get lost straight away due to a lack of follow-up.

Although every lead must be handled differently based on its position in the sales process, lead nurturing provides a much higher ROI on the budget spent on overall marketing services, making it all more affordable.

In Summary

To break it down simply, lead nurturing is the critical and continuous follow-up that will eventually convert those good leads that were already paid for using lead generation marketing.

To learn more about good lead nurturing strategies and how to implement them to gain more sales, roofing contractors should work with an experienced lead nurturing service that can help.